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Frequently Asked Questions By Tutor's

Any individual with experience in the teaching field can join our initiative of home tutoring as a tutor. Teacher must have crossed the 18 years of age and should be a graduate or graduating student.

Fill our online tutor application form:

  1. Step 2. Application form contains all the mandatory fields that we need from the applicant. Once we receive your application form following process will be initiated:
  2. Match your profile with student’s requirement
  3. A Telephonic interview will be scheduled with you
We are accepting the application for all subjects. Our recruiters go through the application daily to shortlist the current requirement of teachers you can applied for All Subject.
Orientation will be provided by Doon Home Tuition Team for all the teacher.
Tutors are required to take classes 3 days or 5 days or 6 Days in a week for 1Hour.15Minute only.
Home Tutoring is a part time job. We provide a way of earning extra income. Your monthly salary will depend upon the student’s standard and number of subjects.
Tutoring happens at student’s residence for one-on-one learning experience.
No, you can’t leave the tuition between the month and tutor should give prior information to us at least before 2 weeks
Not a problem. You can Contact us or call us on 9458112364.

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